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Department of Art History and Humanities

Art history explores art as a record of human creativity and allows the work to be experienced in its original artistic and intellectual context. The scholarly methods used help students increase their perceptive ability, analytical skills, and understanding of various cultural traditions, as well as the facility to express themselves with clarity and precision. These strengths are essential to any walk of life and any future career.

Programs of Study


Art History Major

The international character of this major also makes it highly recommended if you're interested in foreign service and international business—areas of immense importance in today’s world.

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Humanities Major

This major gives you a solid foundation for careers in law, medicine, international business, management, journalism, publishing, public radio and television, literature, and criticism.

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Art History Minor

This program will supplement your major in other areas of the humanities, the sciences, or business and professional studies.

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Humanities Minor

This minor complements any major and is useful if you're interested in the sciences, business, and professional studies.

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