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Students will:

Demonstrate at least second-year language proficiency (ACTFL’s intermediate-mid) in an Asian language;

Identify common elements of the Asian region, as well as differences within the region based on society and culture;

Analyze an Asian society from at least three disciplinary perspectives (including, but not limited to, anthropology, art history, economics, history, literature and the arts, political science, religious studies and sociology);

Understand the role of artists, the arts and the artistic impulse in society and recognize how history, politics, religion, philosophy, science and technology influence art and how art influences history, politics, religion, philosophy, science and technology; and

Articulate the political, economic, and sociocultural relationships among Asian nations and between Asia and other regions.


Guidelines for Awarding of Asian Studies Development Funds

The purpose of the Asian Studies Development Fund is to provide support for program development, faculty development, student opportunities, and enrollment growth. 

The following guidelines govern the awards:

I. Faculty submit a proposal to the Program Director who will share all proposals with the Advisory Committee. The Program Director has the final approval on the allocation of the funds.

  1. Funds are considered on a rolling basis, but for programs requiring an expenditure during any particular budget year, no proposal will be accepted after March 1. The fiscal year budget runs from June 1 through May 31.

  2. Any request received after a program has already begun will not be considered for funding.

  3. Requests for support should be received at least one month prior to the commencement of a program. No urgent priority will be given to requests received within four weeks of the commencement of a program.

II. The proposal should contain the following:

  1. Statement of goals.

  2. Rationale for use of funds and relationship to development/growth of the Asian Studies curriculum.

  3. Evidence of how the project activities (a) would relate to a specific Asian Studies course, including when the course would be scheduled, or (b) would otherwise specifically contribute to the Asian Studies program.

  4. A short letter of support from the faculty member’s Department Chair and approval by the appropriate Dean.

  5. An itemized budget showing how the funds would be used.

III. The Program Director determines the amount of the award.

IV. The faculty member submits a report (up to 500 words) to the Program Director, with copies to the Provost, Dean and Department Chair upon completion of the funded program. If funds are used for course development/implementation, the report should include a copy of the course syllabus.  If funds are used for travel, the report should include the trip itinerary, and a detailed explanation regarding how the experience will augment the University’s Asian Studies programming. Copies of all expense receipts should be submitted to the Asian Studies Administrative Assistant.

Asian Studies Development Funds Application Form


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