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Ashley Bastock

Major: Communications and Theatre Arts

First Destination: Tim Russert Meet the Press Fellowship at NBC News in Washington, D.C.

“The Honors Program has taught me a lot about myself- the courses have challenged my critical thinking in unexpected ways, and this in turn made me a better student all around. The Senior Honors Project gave me a great piece of work that truly was a capstone to my education and is the academic project I am most proud of, without a doubt.”

Briana Lazarchik

Major: Economics

First Destination: St. Martin de Porres High School, Cleveland, Ohio to complete a year of service as an Apprentice Teacher.

“This is an incredible way to start off my interest in education as inspired by my Economics major and Catholic Studies minor, as well as my service experiences, here at JCU. My Senior Honors Project served as a perfect bridge to this next step, since I was examining the education system in New Orleans through an economic lens. I am so passionate about education and social justice, so the research I did into the economics of education will be so useful as I enter this field, and I am just so excited!

“I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given through the Honors Program to really think actively and reflectively about how to make my JCU education really mean something to me. Everything really feels as though it has come together as I am about to enter this next chapter of my life and I feel truly blessed!”

Alexis Mittereder

Major: Political Science

First Destination: Employment at Booz Allen Hamilton management consulting firm in Washington, D.C.

“My major in political science, concentration in law and society, and minor in English literature led me to complete my senior honors thesis on the diversification of the Supreme Court clerk cohort, and disseminate my findings at the Celebration of Scholarship Academic Conference. Through the development of my thesis, I learned how to conduct detailed research, write concisely, and articulate my findings in a group setting. The skills I gained as an Honors student will benefit me immensely as I begin my consulting career. I am proud to be a Honors student at John Carroll University, and cannot imagine my college experience without my involvement in the Honors Program!”

Sarina Rocco

Major: Chemistry

First Destination: The University of Michigan to pursue a Masters of Science in Toxicology.

“My biochemistry major and my sociology/criminology minor led me to complete my Senior Honors Project through research performed at the Cleveland Clinic during a summer internship, where I tested the effects of a drug on genetic mutations leading to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Through this project, I learned how to take weeks of research and data and organize it into a coherent and logical paper that could be understood not just by scientists, but by peers as well. As for dissemination during the Celebration of Scholarship, I was able to tell people about my research and explain what I did and how I did it, which was exciting and really made all of the work worth it. The Honors Program serves as an amazing stepping stone into performing Master’s level research when I head on to graduate school next year, and graduating from this program is such a huge accomplishment for me that I am incredibly proud of and forever will see as one of the greatest achievements of my collegecareer.”

Megan Boyk

Major: Biology

First Destination: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, Detroit, MI

“Although my SHP is not directly related to medicine (it’s more grounded in ecology), it helped me learn about the process of scientific inquiry. Seeing the project through from start to finish – from coming up with the idea and writing the proposal, to doing the lab work, to doing the statistical analysis, to interpreting my results and presenting them as a poster and research paper – really helped me understand how research works. I also learned to read peer-reviewed research with more critical analysis and understanding.”

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