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Incoming members of the Honors Program will benefit from:

  • Priority course registration
  • Overload fee waiver: Register for up to 21 credit hours per semester (once per academic year) with no additional fees.
  • Special JCU library privileges: Book loan period of one entire semester plus one renewal.
  • An opportunity to be part of a living-learning community with other students in Mission-Based Scholarship Programs (Leadership Scholars and Arrupe Scholars).
  • Honors Program Book Award: Costs covered for all texts in required honors courses.

The Honors Program is intended to benefit students of high ability, encouraging you to expand and amplify your educational experience, to integrate your learning, to seek and respond to intellectual challenge, and to think critically and clearly.

The program offers a flexible program of study, including seminars, honors courses, and special programs to encourage you to learn, to serve, and to achieve excellence.

  • Honors cohort advising in the first semester of the first year to help you meet other Honors students, learn the goals of the Honors Program, and develop relationships with advisors and student mentors in your discipline. Students in the second and subsequent years can earn Honors Program credit for serving as cohort-advising mentors.
  • Smaller, more discussion-based courses with innovative teaching approaches using the best practices in honors higher education. For more about honors courses, click here.
  • The Honors Colloquium: HP 101: “The Life of the Mind.” Better understand your own learning by exploring creativity, intelligence, memory, and more.
  • Honors-only courses where you are surrounded by other members of the Honors learning community. Honors-only courses include TRS 101, CO 125, HP 101, and HP 290. Click here to investigate the honors course options in any given semester.
  • Faculty mentorship on the Honors Project, a capstone completed by each honors student.
  • Priority Registration: Honors Program students may register for classes during the Priority Registration period, before class registration opens for other students. (In other words, you may never get closed out of a class again!)
  • Extended-Loan Library Privileges: All Honors Program students are permitted to borrow materials from Grasselli Library for the length of a full semester (the normal loan period for non-Honors students is three weeks).
  • Honors Audit Privileges: All Honors Program students in good standing, who have completed at least 32 hours of course work at John Carroll University, are eligible to audit one course a semester without fee. Permission to audit a course must be obtained from the director of the Honors Program and the appropriate academic dean. Students are expected to meet the normal attendance requirements of the audited course. A student must register for the course to be audited during the first week of classes. Any earlier registration for the course to be audited invalidates the privilege of a free audit for that course. Click here for the course audit form.
  • Self-Designed Major: Honors Program students may design their own major or minor courses of study, in collaboration with the Honors Program Director and faculty in the major/minor. Information about the self-designed major can be found on the “Forms” page
  • Honors students are permitted to waive certain core requirements.
  • Self-designed Honors Pathway experience in the new Integrative Curriculum helps each student meet her/his own educational goal.
  • On-campus social and informational events like films, speakers, luncheons, workshops, scholarship presentations and more.
  • Opportunities for leadership in the Honors Student Association.
  • Opportunity to apply for financial support for honors research projects and presentations.
  • Invitations to “honors-only” off-campus cultural programming including visits to festivals, concerts, walking tours, visits to museums, sporting events, and much more!


For information on applying to the JCU Honors Program, please choose the appropriate category listed below.

Applications are now closed for the Class of 2024.

Typically, incoming honors students have earned an A or A- average in a strong college preparatory curriculum and scores of 650 on subcomponents of the old SAT or 29 on subcomponents of the ACT, and have demonstrated strong writing skills and engagement in cultural and service activities.

Revised December 3, 2019

Current John Carroll students may apply directly to the Honors Program during the second semester of their first year. To be considered, applicants must first schedule a meeting with Dr. Paul Lauritzen, Associate Director ( Following this meeting, applicants are provided with a link to our online application. The application deadline is March 1.