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JCU honors students are expected to maintain active participation in the program and to demonstrate a commitment to high academic standards and intellectual growth. Your progress toward completion of the honors requirements will be subject to periodic review.

All students, including honors students, must satisfy the graduation requirements of the University, as specified in the Undergraduate Bulletin. To graduate from the Honors Program, honors students must also satisfy the Honors Program requirements.

Honors Program Curricular Requirements
  • Honors-specific sections of courses that replace/contribute to University Core requirements – 22 credits
    • From Foundational Competencies
      • HP101 (replaces EN125)
      • CO125
    • From Jesuit Heritage
      • Two TRS courses
      • Two PL courses
      • One ISJ course
      • One CAPA course
  • Honors-specific courses (that do not contribute to University graduation requirements)
    • HP290: Directed Readings (two credits) – junior or senior year
    • HP348: Explorations in Research (one credit) – sophomore year
The Honors Pathway

In this portion of the Honors Program curriculum, students must be able to demonstrate mastery of certain basic honors competencies. Students identify and complete curricular and co-curricular learning experiences important to individual learning goals. Rooted in the Jesuit tradition of discernment and reflection, students must demonstrate both engaged learning and depth of scholarship.

Capstone Experience – Honors Project

Complete an independent project (mentored by a faculty member), after taking a one-credit independent study course (HP349) in order to develop and propose your honors project idea

Other Requirements

Maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA – students must attain a 3.50 GPA to graduate from the Honors Program, and are expected to maintain a GPA consistent with this requirement. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be placed on Academic Watch. More information on Academic Watch is available here.

Complete an annual self-audit each spring – this annual self-report helps students to track their own progress towards completing the Honors Program requirements. It is also an essential data collection point for the program.

Note that you will be maintained in good standing in the program as long you are making reasonable progress towards meeting all of these program requirements.