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East Asian Studies Major

East Asian Studies majors work toward a goal of second-year language proficiency in an East Asian language, and are encouraged to participate in short-term, semester, or year-long study abroad programs in China or Japan.

You will analyze the East Asian society from perspectives of anthropology, art history, economics, history, literature and the arts, political science, religious studies, and sociology.

Our interdisciplinary program also brings greater international awareness to the campus and community by sponsoring guest lectures, cultural performances, high school outreach, and special events related to East Asia.

What Will You Learn?

Deepen your understanding of this important world region by studying the people and cultures of the area. You'll learn to articulate the political, economic, and sociocultural relationships among East Asian nations and between East Asia and other regions. You will also learn Japanese or Chinese language.

Why East Asian Studies?

The East Asian Studies program prepares students for careers in business, government, education, the arts, medicine, computer science, and law. The EAS major can be combined with a second major or minor from another discipline. A major or minor in East Asian Studies pairs well with a degree in International Business with Language and Culture

Degree Requirements

Students majoring in EAS must take 36 credit hours, including 12 credits in Chinese or Japanese language and 24 additional credits in EAS courses in three different disciplines. All majors complete a capstone course. To complete the minor in EAS, students take 24 credit hours.


Courses are listed in the University Bulletin under the following headings: East Asian StudiesJapaneseChinese. Use this link to access the University Bulletin