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Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement Program

The early childhood generalist endorsement enables early childhood license holders to broaden their pre-kindergarten through grade three teaching license to include grades four and five. Adding these credentials makes you more marketable to school districts. Should they ever need to shift staff because student population changes, they can move an existing teacher rather than hire someone new. You may complete the endorsement independently or apply the courses toward a Master of Education degree.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Mark Storz 
Telephone: 216.397.3070

Admission Policies & Procedures

Please read our admission policies and procedures. If you have any questions throughout the application process, do not hesitate to contact us at 216.397.4284. To apply online, please visit our Graduate Studies application management portal.

  • ED 414: Middle School Education Philosophy and Instruction
  • ED 424A: Middle Childhood Curriculum and Content Methods in Math and Science
  • ED 424B: Middle Childhood Curriculum and Content Methods in Social Studies and Language Arts
Additional Requirements

Upon coursework completion, students also take a state examination and complete 50 hours of field experience. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students may apply their courses toward a master’s in education. Additional admission requirements will need to be met for acceptance into the degree program.

Financial Aid
  • Tuition scholarships are available to all licensed teachers. The scholarship will reduce tuition for graduate courses by 33%.
  • The University’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid offers assistance on student loans.