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Adolescent/Young Adult

The Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) program prepares prospective teachers to work with students in grades seven through twelve. Students in the AYA program work towards a primary major in the content area and a secondary major in Education that leads to a teaching license . 

You’will work toward a teaching license in at least one of the following content area fields:

  • Integrated Language Arts
  • Integrated Social Studies
  • Integrated Mathematics
  • Chemistry/Life Science
  • Life Science
  • Physical science: Physics/Chemistry
  • Physics

Our Program is Accredited By:

  • Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

We are nationally recognized by the following specialized professional associations:

  • National Council for Social Studies (NCSS)
  • National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE)

Successful completion of degree & licensure requirements entails course work in three categories:

  • Professional education
  • General education
  • Curriculum Content for teaching field

AYA major requires 42 credits in Professional & Pedagogical Studies.

Admission requires an interview with a faculty member, GPA minimums of 2.7 in education coursework, primary major coursework, and overall coursework, a writing sample, and demonstration of appropriate disposition for the profession.

Students are assigned an advisor in the Education Department and in the department of their primary major.

Classroom Experience

Clinical Practice

All candidates participate in a full academic year of clinical experience.

Program Coordinator

Margaret Schauer, Ph.D.

Telephone: (216) 397-4690