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Spanish and Hispanic Studies

The Spanish and Hispanic Studies program prepares you to communicate effectively in Spanish; to understand the cultural perspectives, products, and practices of the Spanish-speaking world; and to act with intercultural competence. At all course levels, students engage in active learning through proficiency-based instruction.

Your Spanish language skills will not only boost your resume, they also can fulfill a growing need across many U.S. economic sectors. From agriculture to education to medicine, interpreters and translators are in increased demand. Spanish is an excellent co-major or minor with degrees in the sciences and business, especially if you’re interested in marketing and trade. Spanish is the language of 19 countries in Latin America, which are growing export-import markets for U.S. products.

Photo of students engaged with community members during experiential learning event.
Students in Dr. Thornton's SP 329 Migrant Voices class experience culture and community through their weekly service learning activities at Esperanza, Inc. in Cleveland.

What Will You Learn?

A rich tapestry of cultures, arts, history, and Spanish language instruction at all levels combine to enable students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural world. Enhanced with experiential learning, study abroad, and immersion opportunities, our students graduate with the skills sought after by employers.

Spanish is the native language of more than 400 million people. Nearly 41 million native speakers live in the U.S., making Spanish language skills a growing need across many economic sectors. Spanish is an excellent co-major or minor with degrees in the sciences and business.

Major in Spanish and Hispanic Studies: 31 credit hours. Minor: 15-18 credit hours. Courses vary depending on entry level, and include language, culture, and literature. For details, contact the department or consult the most recent Undergraduate Bulletin.

Course descriptions are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin under the following headings: 


International Cultures

  • The Rene Fabien Scholarship is available to Spanish majors to provide financial assistance for summer, semester, or year abroad experiences.
  • Advanced students can apply for membership in Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society.

Katherine Gatto, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish  
Enrique Luengo, Ph.D.  
Associate Professor of Spanish  
Megan Thornton, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor of Spanish

Vitelia Cisneros, Ph.D.  
Lecturer in Spanish  
Yuliya Frid, M.A.  
Lecturer in Spanish  
Pablo Gomez, M.A. 
Lecturer in Spanish  
Erik Heine, M.A.  
Lecturer in Spanish
Michael Khoury, M.A.
Lecturer in Spanish  
Rosa Mejia, M.A.
Lecturer in Spanish  
Flor Misra, M.A.  
Lecturer in Spanish  
Wallace Salkauski, Ph.D.  
Lecturer in Spanish