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Graduate Programs in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers

As a high school math teacher, have you ever wished you could…

  • continue your professional development by studying mathematics which is relevant to your teaching?
  • become an even better math teacher?
  • interact and share ideas with other math teachers?
  • earn graduate credits or a master’s degree?

Then John Carroll’s Master of Arts in Mathematics or Content Area Program in Mathematics are for you!

[Please note:  These programs are currently on hiatus until 2022.  We are not currently accepting applications for this program.]

The Programs

Our programs, designed specifically for classroom teachers of secondary mathematics, reflects the NCTM standards and the recommendations of the Mathematical Association of America. The M.A. in Mathematics combines topics directly related to the secondary curriculum with enrichment material which you can apply directly to your own classes.  The Content Area Program in Mathematics consists of a subset of the M.A. course, for teachers who do not wish to earn the full graduate degree.

girl sitting on a chair and writing on papers


  • classes conducted in the spirit of the NCTM standards
  • collaborative learning opportunities
  • convenient class scheduling
  • degree can be earned in summers only, or in a period as short as 15 months
  • attractive suburban campus
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If you are licensed to teach secondary math, and had an undergraduate mathematics average of at least 2.5, you meet the entrance requirements for this program. Other teachers of mathematics may also be admitted on a provisional basis, depending on background.

If you agree that courses like those listed below will help you achieve your goals in your teaching career, please call or send e-mail for further information.

Application for admission and scholarship forms are available from the Graduate School.

JCU students in class 2012 (photo provided to Ed Hahnenberg by university photographer)


  • Mathematical Structures
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Modern Geometry
  • Curves, Surfaces and Space
  • Advanced Topics in Calculus
  • Statistical Literacy
  • Great Moments in Mathematics
  • Mathematical Potpourri
  • Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics
  • Computer Science for High School Teachers
  • Problems in Mathematics
  • Mathematical Modeling in the High School Classroom

Additional courses in traditional mathematical topics are also available. A total of ten courses (30 credits) are required for the M.A. degree. A Tentative Schedule of MA Courses, applicable to the Master of Arts degree, allows you to plan. In addition to the coursework, the M.A. program also requires an expository essay written under the direction of a faculty member, and a comprehensive exam.