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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The major in computer science leading to the Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for a career in technology, as well as graduate study in computer science. Computer science careers span the spectrum of possibilities: from working for national companies with large, well-established technology departments to founding entrepreneurial start-up companies at the frontier of future technology to filling critical support roles in virtually all possible fields, including medicine, business, manufacturing, consulting, government, law, and research.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two major programs in computing: a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in computer science with healthcare information technology.

Both majors have a common set of core courses for the first two years of study, preparing students with a strong foundation in software programming and application development. The majors diverge for the upper-level courses, with computer science majors acquiring a strong understanding of how and why technology works, while healthcare information technology majors focus on learning how to apply technology to healthcare-related industries.

Major in Computer Science: 46 hours.

  • CS 125 Introduction to Web Design and Image Processing
  • CS 128 and CS 128L Introduction to Software Application Development, with Lab
  • CS 228 Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 242 Models of Computation
  • CS 270 Software Development Practices
  • CS 328 Advanced Programming
  • CS 470 Software Engineering Project
  • CS 475 Technical Writing in Computer Science
  • DATA 150 Database Systems
  • MT 142 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • Five additional CS courses at or above the 300 level
  • Comprehensive exam

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