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Important Note: This page provides a convenient repository for the information explained in full at this link.

The basic steps for using Canvas for Core Assessment:

Not Using Canvas?

  1. Scan the student’s work for the assignment(s) you chose and either send the files to me (as .pdf files, please) or share them with me via Dropbox or Google Drive. Please let me know what course and section the papers are from, and please send a description of the assignment, preferably the instructions the students received.
  2. Create a spreadsheet to hold the rubric scores for every student in your class for each assignment. The instructions are here.

If you want to either split one rubric onto multiple assignments or use your own rubric for grading, please follow the just-barely-more-complicated steps:

Specific Information by Core Category


  • Languages: You are submitting proficiency levels for your students in all five areas of language use to the department’s assessment coordinator in addition to the rubric scores for the culture project you’ll submit via Canvas. All outcomes and rubrics are in the “Classical & Modern Languages” account.

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