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The Center for Digital Media (CDM) is jointly managed by Information Technology Services and Grasselli Library. The goal of the center is to provide faculty and students with the resources they need to create sophisticated presentations, videos, graphics, and other forms of digital media. The CDM is staffed by full-time multimedia & instructional technology specialists, as well as a team of specially-trained student assistants.

The center, located on the main floor of Grasselli Library, provides the John Carroll community with three primary resources: (1) a fully-equipped and supported multimedia lab open to faculty, staff, and students; (2) a production lab with associated services for faculty; and (3) an ongoing technology training and professional development program. The CDM also has a collection of cameras and other equipment that students and faculty can borrow on a short-term basis.

The CDM’s multimedia lab is equipped with ten high-end Apple workstations loaded the latest multimedia development software. Peripherals include high-resolution scanners, Wacom tablets, and printers. The lab’s software inventory consists of the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, iLife, and iWork suites. Techsmith’s Camtasia is also available on all of the lab’s workstations as are the latest versions of Final Draft and Microsoft Office.

The faculty production lab, located in a separate suite next to the main multimedia lab, is optimized for media conversion, video editing, and 3D Printing, and other specialized tasks. In addition to having all of the software available in the main CDM multimedia lab, workstations in this lab are equipped with a number media-conversion peripherals such as video decks, Canopus ADVC converters, specialized scanners, a MakerBot 3D Printer, and audio gear.

In addition to supporting the multimedia and faculty production labs, the CDM also offers a comprehensive and ongoing technology training and professional development for faculty. Workshops are designed for faculty who teach traditional, hybrid, and web-based courses. Workshop topics encompass the full spectrum of instructional tools, technologies, and software currently available, with a special emphasis on the pedagogical uses of the tools.

The CDM shares the same hours of operation as Grasselli Library.