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Manfrotto 504HD Head w/546B 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System

tripod with a photo camera

The 504HD head is a solid well-built beauty that handles cameras of all weights and sizes with ease. Supporting cameras up to nearly 20 pounds, the 504HD head with the new Manfrotto bridging technology provides extremely smooth, accurate panning and tilting with varying drag and counter-balance settings. Adjustments to the pan and tilt tension can be made by the Fluid Drag System’s (FDS) variable friction system. The FDS has separate controls for each axis and can be set with a twist of a clearly marked numerical dial for easy reference and effortless use. This ultra effective FDS utilizes a combination of ball bearings and fluid bearings to produce top-notch pans and tilts. Disc brakes are implemented to lock either horizontal or vertical movement. The 504HD can be leveled using its 70mm half ball mounting style that allows for additional adjustment fine-tuning at the head level. It is even equipped with back-lit bulb level.

Sony VCT-VPR1 Compact Remote Control Tripod

tripod with a photo camera

Steady shoot. Easy control. Compose every shot with easy precision and control. This lightweight, remote control tripod lets you take charge of the angle and zoom from a distance. An oil fluid head delivers smooth panning in any direction, and a grid line button lets you check the alignment of your shot for precision every time.