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The CTL sponsors and supports peer observations in the classroom.  The expectation will be that members of the peer observation group will both “pay in,” as well as “cash out.” That is, if you wish to be observed, we will hope that, in turn, you are willing to observe someone else.

This is a development opportunity for both the observer and the observed.  You might choose to observe someone because you want to learn from their techniques.  Or you might wish to be observed to get feedback on new (or old) teaching approaches of your own.

These observations are to be sealed off from the tenure and review process.  Results will be between the observer and observed alone, unless both parties agree to share them with others.  The attached file provides a description of the peer review process, as well as forms for observers and observed to use.


The following faculty have agreed to serve as peer observers.

  • Nathan Gehlert
  • Mike Setter
  • Deniz Durmus
  • Yi Shang
  • Mike Nichols
  • Mariah Webinger
  • Brendan Foreman
  • Chrystal Bruce
  • Peifang Tian
  • Rosanna Miguel
  • Andreas Sobisch
  • Brian Macaskill
  • David Shutkin
  • Debby Rosenthal
  • Medora Barnes
  • Heidi Moawad

Please let me know if you’d like to be added to the list.