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The Chronicle of HIgher Education’s Professor Hacker blog is here.

Recent contributions to the Professor Hacker series include:

ChuckTryon, “Using Video Annotation Tools to Teach Film Analysis”

Anastasia Salter, “Are We Solving the Right Problems?”

Anastasia Salter, “Grabbing Text from Images with Project Naptha”

Mark Sample, “A Better Blogging Assignment

Lincoln Mullen, “Learning How to Teach History in a Digital Age

James M. Lang, “How Orwell and Twitter Revitalized my Course

Also in the Chronicle is the Wired Campus series, including:

Nick DeSantis, “Professor’s Classroom Ipad App

Hannah Winston, “‘Flipping’ Classroom May not Make Much Difference

For a more conceptual and scholarly series of posts about integrating technology in the classroom, consult The Academic Commons. These posts often analyze case studies of collaborations across institutions.

Also from Inside Higher Ed:

Rob Weir, “When You Miss Class

Gleb Tsipursky, “Class-sourcing as a Teaching Strategy

Bridget Gelms, “Potential Uses for Teaching with Storify”