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Various student organizations have asked that they be permitted to wear regalia at commencement that signifies their participation in organizations.

Because commencement signifies academic completion and academic merit, the tradition at John Carroll has been to permit members of the Jesuit Honors Society, Alpha Sigma Nu, to wear pendants and to recognize the achievements of the graduates of the Honors Program, Arrupe Scholars Program, and Leadership Scholars Program to wear cords.

The foregoing policies remain in effect: only members of the Honors, Arrupe, and Leadership Scholars may wear cords.

In addition, we wish to recognize academic merit in accordance with national departmental honors, military service, and outstanding service through CSSA, and through JCU’s cultural student organizations.

Therefore, the following groups may wear pendants, badges, or stoles (not cords). Note that a copy of the regalia item must be submitted to the commencement coordinator. The provost will then grant approval to the organization.

  1. Students who have been inducted in any national honor societies recognized by academic departments as long as the faculty advisor has notified the Commencement Coordinator of the organization and provided a list of graduating seniors. The faculty advisor must submit the request for recognition and list of eligible students and the item to be worn in writing to Kate Malone, Commencement Coordinator.
  2. Students who have participated in cultural organizations that perform university or community service as long as their moderator has notified the Commencement Coordinator of their organization, the service performed, and a list of graduating seniors in writing. Membership in an organization is not sufficient; the moderator must ensure that students have done service.
  3. Veterans and members of the ROTC may wear their uniforms. Names of these students must be provided to the Commencement Coordinator in writing.
  4. Graduating members of CSSA who have performed outstanding service and leadership may wear additional regalia. The faculty advisor must submit the request for recognition and list of eligible students and the item to be worn in writing to the Commencement Office.

Note, the University will not be funding the regalia through extra operational budgets or graduation fees. If it cannot be covered by existing organizational budgets, the cost must be passed along to students. Approved organizations should submit their application for approval through the Commencement Coordinator to the provost as soon as possible but no later than April 15.