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Please use the following links to assist with answering questions and finding other useful information for managing situations related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students, faculty, and staff with questions are encouraged to visit our health update website, which includes all messages to the community and to submit specific questions to the task force.

The link below is to the FAQs:

FAQs Related to Coronavirus and Campus Protocols



As John Carroll University implements new health and safety protocols and expectations, all members of our community can play a role in helping to establish our new social norms. John Carroll faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use this form to report concerns stemming from a failure to abide by public health orders, or other behavior that violates John Carroll's community standards and creates a serious health risk.

COVID-19 Behavior Reporting Form

We are taking several steps during the spring semester to monitor the health of our community including the implementation of a surveillance testing program, which will begin January 5, 2021. Surveillance testing is considered a best practice in limiting the spread of COVID-19. It involves testing a sample of the students, faculty, and staff population, and is designed to identify and isolate those who test positive at a very early stage. The surveillance testing program is part of the University's ongoing efforts to help keep the John Carroll community healthy and safe. 

What is the program? How will it work?

Faculty and staff who are working from on-campus locations during the spring semester have the option to participate in this voluntary program. Employees who have tested positive in the last 90 days or who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 at the time a test is administered are not eligible to participate in the surveillance testing program. For those who opt in to the program, the University will offer baseline testing between January 5-8, 2021. Coaches and trainers in Athletics who are already subject to NCAA testing protocols will not be included in this program but will have their own testing protocols. To opt-in to the program, please click on this link and fill out the form before January 4: Surveillance Testing Opt-In Form

Following baseline Return to Campus testing, weekly surveillance testing will be conducted on three percent (3%) of the faculty and staff who are participating in the program. Employees are selected randomly, or because their position may require frequent or close interaction with others in the JCU community (i.e. Residence Life staff, etc.), so there is no individual cause for concern if you are called in for surveillance testing. 

Baseline Return to Campus testing will occur in the Intramural (IM) Gym in the Lombardo Center January 5-8, 2021. Subsequent surveillance testing will occur in the Jardine Room. Employees who are notified are required to select an available time slot appointment for a test, as there are no walk-ins. Please do not reserve multiple appointment slots, as doing so limits the ability to offer appointments to others.

In addition to the surveillance testing, trends and data may indicate the need for additional testing of specific populations, beyond the contact tracing that will be conducted of positive cases. That additional testing will be dictated by the results of the surveillance testing, and our testing program will respond to the data.

Surveillance testing will continue throughout the semester, and information about the number of tests conducted and the positivity rates will continue to be posted on our dashboard.

Please note, the faculty and staff testing program will monitor asymptomatic individuals only as part of our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus. The University will not be testing faculty or staff who currently have symptoms of COVID-19, those who have had close contact exposure and/or have been given instructions to quarantine due to a close contact exposure, or those who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days. In those circumstances, the symptomatic or quarantined employees should contact their own health care provider for more guidance, including the options in their community for getting tested.

Preparing for Your Covid-19 Test

What to Expect

The following individuals should not come for testing.  If any of these criteria apply to you, please call HR:

  • Those who have had a positive test for COVID-19 in the past three months
  • Those currently in isolation or quarantine as directed by University Health Services, a health care provider, or a public health department
  • Those with symptoms of COVID-19

Prior to testing, continue your normal activities (with strict adherence to mask-wearing and physical distancing).

On your assigned testing day, complete your #CampusClear Daily Symptom Assessment before coming to campus. If cleared, arrive at your testing location a few minutes before your appointment.

Be punctual for your appointment to help keep lines moving; walk-ins are not allowed. Bring photo identification and plan 20-30 minutes to complete your appointment. You will be asked to confirm information about recent symptoms, COVID-19 tests, and exposure. You also will be required to sign a consent and disclosure form prior to testing. Results of the employee surveillance testing will only be shared with those with a need-to-know. More information on privacy of testing results will be available on the HR Policy website.  

The University will be using rapid antigen tests. These tests require a swab of the lower part of your nasal cavity. You will be asked to wait in a designated area to receive the results of your test. 

If you test positive, you will immediately meet with a University contact tracer who will ask you additional questions about your recent interactions and symptoms to confirm that you have been free of symptoms and inquire about interactions with COVID-19 positive individuals.  

  • If it is determined that you have been exposed or may have recently had symptoms of COVID-19, the rapid test’s positive result will be considered accurate and there will be no further testing. You will be required to quickly leave campus and to isolate at home.
  • If the contact tracer determines you have in no way been exposed to COVID-19 and do not have or have not recently had symptoms of COVID-19, you will be immediately tested again using a PCR test. The results of the PCR test will be available in approximately 24-48 hours (this timeframe may be longer based on lab capacity). Until the results of the PCR test are received, you will be required to quickly leave campus and to isolate at home. You will be contacted by phone of the results of your COVID-19 PCR test by a Health Center staff person. 

If you have tested positive, while you isolate at home, please be sure to answer calls from a 216 area code, even if the caller is not listed in your contacts, as it may be important information from the Health Center, JCU contact tracers, or the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. 

Employees testing positive following the PCR test will remain home to continue isolation for the time period specified in the University’s Interim Employee Response Policy. Contact tracers and the Health Center will work with the employee to determine isolation dates and potential close contact exposure, and close contacts will be contacted about quarantine requirements.

John Carroll University recognizes that employees may require medical leave, have a family medical emergency, or be otherwise unable to report to work due to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), resulting in a need for additional time off in excess of their available time off balances. To address this need, all eligible employees will be allowed to donate accrued sick leave hours from their unused balance to their co-workers in need of additional paid time off, in accordance with the guidance outlined below. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.

For details on this program, please go to CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY TIME OFF DONATION BANK

Drive-up Flu Shot Vaccinations

Drive-Up Flu Shot Vaccination Only Locations Just Announced for October & November – See Dates/Times Here

Stay safe in your car and get only your flu shot with our easy and convenient drive-up service.  All locations offer drive up/walk in - no appointment necessary, except for Middleburg Heights by appointment, call 216-957-9700.

Flu Shot Drive Up FAQs:

Q: How young can patients be to get a flu shot? 

A: Six months and older.

Q: Is an appointment necessary? 

A: Middleburg Heights Drive Up Service is by appointment only.  All others are drive-up/walk-in. 

Q: Is there a cost? 

A: It depends on your insurance, but most insurances cover this service. 

Q: How will I know where to go once I pull into the location parking area? 

A: Signage will be posted at all locations.

Q: Is this open to anyone?  Do you need to be a MetroHealth patient? 

A: Middleburg Heights Drive Up Service is by appointment only. All other location drive up services are open to all. 


Medical Mutual's SuperMed PPO and High Deductible Plan Networks: Access is available to Cleveland Clinic’s Express Care Online, a secure service that offers 24/7 care with no appointment needed for simple conditions such as sinus infections, cold symptoms, rashes, ear aches and stomach pain.

About Cleveland Clinic Express Care

Cleveland Clinic Express Care Online

MetroHealth Select/Skyway members: The University has partnered with MetroHealth and Doc2Go to give you 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors through the convenience of phone, video or mobile app visits. 

For the next 90 days, no cost telehealth visits through Doc2Go are available to covered employees and their covered family members.  The Doc2Go flyer provides details on how you and your family can access these services.

For questions about the telehealth services, please contact Ryan Armsworthy at 216-397-1576 or

Virtual TIAA Visits

Financial Consultant, Courtney Petkovich, will be conducting phone and/or virtual counseling sessions.  Schedule a one-on-one advice and guidance session today. – Call 800-732-8353 or click the link to schedule online (click on "Meet at Work" to get to the virtual conference scheduling).

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has just announced their Personal Auto Relief Refund.  Please follow the link ( to see how existing Liberty Mutual customers who use the JCU discount program will benefit.  If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote, please contact our dedicated representative, Brian Gecina at