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The Facilities Department HELP DESK is available to help you with key requests, work orders, and any general questions you may have regarding facilities.  For questions about requesting or returning keys please email or call 216-397-4314. For all other questions please call the help desk at 216-397-4314 .

Key Requests

Key Authorization Form
Key/Fob Access Control Procedure

If you are in need of office or building keys, complete and return the Key Authorization Form. Be sure to review the Key/Fob Access Control Procedure.

*NOTE: Type into the form, select print and change printer to “Save as PDF” to save your information. OR download the form and then open it with Adobe Acrobat in order to fill out and save the form.

Work Orders

Schooldude is a web-based work order entry system. John Carroll University has been using the Schooldude system since the fall of 2005. The system allows Requesters to directly enter a work order into the Facilities Department 24/7 from the convenience of his/her own computer. It also provides reply information with every change in the status of a work order. Furthermore, the system allows for date stamped information for every data entry into the system, so a history of “who and when” regarding work orders is documented.

The current password to SUBMIT a W.O. is: JCU21

Each Requester has his/her own individual and private password to access Schooldude, which is not the same as the SUBMIT password.

To enter a Work Order, please click this link: Enter a Work Order

Facilities Office

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center and is open M-F 8:30-5:00.

Phone: (216) 397-4314
Fax: (216) 397-4675