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Boler Professional Development Session 

Are internships required? 

-Internships are required for 5 of the 7 Boler majors: Supply Chain, Marketing, Management/HR, Economics and International Business with Language and Culture. Most of the Accounting and Finance majors also do internships, in total 93% of Boler students complete at least one. 

How long do internships typically last? 

-Internships are either in the summer full time (usually between Junior and Senior year, although some Sophomores also have them as some students have more than one internship) or during a semester (20 hours a week). Total time required is a minimum of 135 hours, either in the summer or during the fall or spring semester. 


Center for Career Services Session

Who is eligible for the Meet The Press Fellowship?

-The NBC/John Carroll University “Meet the Press” Fellowship is awarded to a graduating senior motivated to pursue a career in political journalism.

What hours is the Center for Career Services open? 

-The Center for Career Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Evening hours, phone, and Skype appointments are also available upon request. Students can also meet with Peer Advisors to have resumes and cover letters reviewed in the Grasselli Library on Sundays from 5:00-7:00 pm and Mondays from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with someone in the Center for Career Services? 

-An appointment is recommended if you are looking for help with career decisions, to work on developing their career-related skills or assistance with a job/internship search or graduate school application. Drop-in times are also offered at various times and locations on campus. 

Do you help students find a job/internship in their hometown?

-Yes, our approach is educational, we teach you how to conduct searches that can be done anywhere. We also help you tap into the JCU Alumni network, which is world wide.

How do you help students struggling to find a job or internship?

- We will work with you individually to design a search to ensure you are doing the things that will lead to the best results. This includes resume/cover letter review, mock interviews and helping you develop your networking skills.

Do students tend to stay local or travel out of state for internships? 

-Students complete internships both locally and out of state. We can assist with both local and long distance searches.

When do students typically complete an internship? 

-Most internships are designed by employers for students who have two to three years of college under their belt. Internships are just one way to gain experience though. First year students can gain experience that is attractive to employers and will help them get an internship through research with faculty, summer jobs, on-campus employment, engagement in student organizations and volunteer work.

Can students continue working with the Center for Career Services after they have graduated or moved to a 3+2 or 3+3 program? 

-Services are available for a lifetime to anyone who has completed at least one semester at JCU. 


Residence Life Session

When will I receive my housing assignment for the fall?

-Housing Assignments, including hall, room, and roommate(s) will be made available in mid-July. Information will be sent to your JCU email address. 

Does John Carroll have a residency requirement? 

-John Carroll University has a two-year residency requirement. Students are required to live on campus for their first two years unless they are commuting from home. Commuting is defined as living exclusively in the permanent and primary residence of a parent or legal guardian. The home of the parent or guardian must be within 35 miles of the JCU campus. 

How do I access the housing application? 

-You can access the housing application by logging into your JCU Gateway and clicking on the link in your Transition Checklist. 

What are living-learning communities (LLCs)? 

-Living-learning communities (LLCs) are specialized living areas centered around a common theme shared by the residents who live there. Programming and community-building efforts focus on this common theme to create a more immersive and beneficial experience both inside and outside of the classroom. For the 2021-2022 academic year, there will be three different living-learning communities offered: Health and Wellness LLC; Honors, Arrupe, Leadership Scholars and Social Innovation Fellows LLC; and Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) LLC.

Can I request a roommate if I request to live in an LLC?

-Students interested in pursuing housing in an LLC are still able to self-select roommates, if you so choose. Placement preference is given to individual students and roommate pairs or groups in which all students meet the eligibility requirements for the LLC first. Self-selected roommate pairs or groups in which there is a member of the group not eligible for the LLC will only be considered for placement in the LLC if, and only if, there is still space after all other fully eligible and interested parties are placed into the LLC. Students who are required to live in an LLC as a stipulation of a scholarship or grant should not pair with a roommate(s) who is not also eligible for the LLC.

Are there printers in the Residence Halls? 

-Printing stations are available in each of the Residence Halls. 

Do you have to pay for laundry in the Residence Halls? 

-There is no charge for laundry in the Residence Halls. 

Are there kitchens and study rooms in each Residence Hall?

-Hamlin and Campion hall each have kitchens. All first-year residence halls include study spaces/lounges. 

Do I have the option to choose a roommate? 

-Students are able to use the Roommate Selection feature under the Room and Roommate Selection tab in the Housing Portal. You may use this feature to self-select roommates by searching for your desired roommate(s) by first and last name. You will only be able to fnd the roommate you are looking for if they, too, have also already completed the Housing Application, including the parent or legal guardian verification (if applicable).

How will I be matched with a roommate if I don’t request one? 

- You will respond to a series of personal preference questions about study habits, sleep
patterns, smoking preferences, hobbies, cleanliness, etc. These responses may then be used to make roommate placements of students whom may be successful living together. We highly recommend that you answer these questions on your own and provide answers that are
as honest and accurate as possible. 

Is there a virtual tour of the Residence Halls available? 

-Yes. You can view of Virtual Residence Hall tour at

Parents Reception and Current JCU Parent Panel

JCU Campus Ministry

How are non-Catholic students or students of no faith welcomed at JCU? 

-JCU Campus Ministry  programs and events are open to students of all faiths and students of no faith. We take great care in reaching out to students who are not Catholic, in order to assure them that they are welcome. Our desire is for a Jewish student or a Muslim to come to embrace Judaism or Islam more fully over the four years they are with us. Many of our active students are students of “no faith” or of faith communities other than Catholic. We are here for all students.

How can a first-year student tap into Campus Ministry and service opportunities with fellow peers?

-There are many opportunities for first-year students to get  involved with Campus Ministry at JCU. Students will receive a weekly email (on Sundays at 11am) which will list the programs, events and service initiatives, together with the links to sign up for all. You can also drop by the Campus Ministry offices (“up the ramp from the bookstore” in the Student Center) to talk to any one of us. There will also be a “kick-off” event in September for any student who is interested in joining a Carroll Faith Community. 

*Additional questions and answers from this session will be added soon.