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As promised in Dr. Johnson's message, the information below provides guidance for you as a leader of Staff:

  • Campus remains open and all staff members should continue to report to campus as scheduled. 
  • All departments will remain open and available to provide services to students, faculty, staff, and other members of the community. While students have been strongly encouraged to return to their permanent address, we will have students who will remain and most campus services will continue.     
  • Review the materials, options, resources, and information provided on the university’s Health Update Site.
  • Also, review the FAQs which are written from a staff employee’s perspective: FAQ for Staff Employees. As noted, we are asking supervisors to be supportive and flexible with schedules and need for time off.
  • Supervisors should consult with Human Resources regarding individual requests for alternative work arrangements from employees based on extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19, such as an individual employee who has a medical status that makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19.  Any alternative work arrangements must be approved in writing and in advance by your division vice president or dean.  
  • If an employee is currently showing any signs of illness, please advise them to stay home and contact their healthcare provider for further instructions and guidance. Employees and supervisors should continue to record the absence of sick time per university policy. When someone indicates they are able to return to campus, supervisors should not require that employees remain at home if they are symptom-free. There may be circumstances such as in the case of a positive test for COVID -19 where a doctor’s return-to-work release is appropriate, but that determination should be made in consultation with Human Resources.

Prepare your Department for Changing Circumstances: While the campus remains open and staff are expected to report to work, it is important to prepare your department and team members for changing circumstances and conditions.

  • As soon as possible, have a meeting with your workgroup to review the information from the university related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – consider reviewing the official communications on the Health Update Site and the FAQ for Staff Employees.
  • Develop an emergency operations plan for your department, if your department does not already have one.  Risk management has provided a template found on this link: COVID-19 Pandemic Plan. Consider your department’s emergency operations plans, essential services to the University, internal goals and objectives, and the key deliverables for the coming month. In the event of closure or curtailed operations, what tasks and functions are essential to complete and what is flexible? 
  • Review key dates of upcoming events, as well as your staff members’ scheduled vacations, meetings, university-sponsored travel, etc. Consider if these need to be shifted, changed, or canceled in light of the University’s directives regarding events on campus and travel restrictions and guidance. 
  • Other topics that  supervisors should be prepared to address in their planning process if circumstances at the University change: 
    • The opportunity to find approaches that are team-oriented and don’t place an undue burden on others in the group.
    • Possibility of telecommuting, virtual meetings, etc., if circumstances change. Review the Telecommuting Policy so that staff understands general expectations.
    • Anticipated coverage plans if team members need to use sick time or a leave of absence. 
    • Methods for continued communication and dialogue.
  • Based on these conversations, design a contingency plan for your workgroup and share it with your divisional vice president or dean. 

Members of the JCU community can continue to submit specific questions to the COVID-19 Task Force on our Health Updates webpage. We will continue to provide information when it is available. Thank you so much for your continued dedication to the students, faculty, and staff of the University during this challenging time.