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In an effort to protect the John Carroll University community from the spread of COVID-19, we will be implementing a testing program during the spring semester. This program will supplement John Carroll’s health and safety plan, which requires students, faculty, staff, and anyone visiting or working on John Carroll’s campus to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, follow proper hygiene practices, and avoid gatherings of 10 or more people. 

All students, faculty, staff, and vendors on John Carroll’s campus are also required to perform a daily symptom assessment using the Campus Clear app. These individuals may be required to display proof of the daily symptom assessment before utilizing campus facilities, including the library, mail center, IT desk, and recreation facilities.

Below is a summary of the testing program, which has been reviewed by local health officials:


What type of testing will JCU be conducting as part of the return to campus program?  

  • For student athletes, we will follow the NCAA recommendations regarding COVID-19 testing. All Winter sports athletes (i.e. Men’s and Women’s basketball, wrestling, indoor track, and swimming & diving) will be tested with a rapid (antigen) testing kit, prior to the start of practices and will be tested 3 times per week during training/competition. For each rapid test that is positive, we will follow up with a PCR test. Turnaround times for PCR test is 24-48 hours, with a requirement for isolation while awaiting the results. We will follow the same recommendations for athletes involved in sports that will begin training and competition later in the Spring Semester.
  • All students living in the residence halls or JCU owned houses will be required to be tested as part of our return to campus testing program. Residential students will be tested on campus, with a rapid (antigen) testing kit, prior to receiving their keys and being permitted to move into their assigned residential space. For each rapid test that is positive, we will follow up with a PCR test. Turnaround times for PCR test is 24-48 hours, with a requirement for isolation while awaiting the results. More details about this process and scheduling will be shared with residential students in upcoming communications about move-in.
  • We will offer rapid (antigen) testing to faculty and staff when they return to campus in January. More information will be provided in late December.


What is the plan for on-going testing during the semester?

  • We will be following the State of Ohio recommendations to perform surveillance testing on a random sampling of a minimum of 3% of our entire population (students, faculty, and staff) each week during the Spring Semester. Our surveillance testing will be done in addition to the ongoing testing of student athletes per the NCAA recommendations.  Additionally, we have the ability to test a residence hall community if several students test positive.


What are the different types of COVID-19 tests that you will be using?

  • We have received 15-minute rapid antigen COVID-19 tests (nasal swab) from the State of Ohio and we have purchased a large quantity of a similar rapid test to implement our spring semester testing program. The antigen test is 88% accurate, which means that 12% of the time the test could result in a ‘False Positive’ result (for those of you who live in Ohio you might remember that this happened to Governor DeWine).
  • For anyone who tests positive with the rapid antigen test, we will also use the PCR test (also a nasal swab) which is more accurate than the rapid antigen test.  We will also use the PCR test for students who have COVID-19 symptoms and want to be tested at the Student Health Center.  The PCR test results will take 24-48 hours and during this time individuals must isolate until we receive the test results.


Will I get tested before I leave campus for the break at Easter?

  • We are planning to test 25% of students prior to Easter as well as upon their return to campus.


If I am a student and have COVID-19 symptoms during Spring Semester where can I get tested?

  • If a student has COVID-19 symptoms, they can get tested using the PCR test at the Student Health Center during normal business hours. Students should call the health center at 216-397-4349 and follow the directions from staff.