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John Carroll University regularly participates in several national surveys that provide data to help us better understand and improve the student experience. These data are shared regularly with the University community through presentations and publications. For more information about each survey, please follow the links below:


  • The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) evaluates the extent to which students engage in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.
  • The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) survey series provides a snapshot of incoming students before they experience college and follow-up items that provide for longitudinal examination of cognitive and affective growth during college.


  • The National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity (“the Delaware Study”) is a comparative analysis of faculty teaching loads, direct instructional cost, and separately budgeted scholarly activity at the level of academic discipline. This study can help to answer several questions:
    • How do the teaching loads of tenured faculty in our academic programs compare with national benchmarks?
    • What proportion of undergraduate teaching at JCU is done by regular faculty, and how does that compare with other colleges and universities?
    • Does it cost more to deliver a student credit hour of instruction at JCU than it does at our peers?
    • How do externally funded research and service within our academic departments measure up against our competitors?

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