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The capstone program is the culminating experience for Masters of Nonprofit Administration students and the group projects are the centerpiece of the course.  A group of three to four students works an average of 15 hours per week for 7 weeks  (approximately 400 hours of work for the agency) to complete a project proposed by a nonprofit organization. In August, our 2018 Capstone students wrapped up their projects. Our students worked with four local nonprofits: Achievement Centers for Children, the Boy Scouts of America Lake Erie Council, Cleveland Grays Armory Museum, and Shaker Heights- Beachwood- University Heights Meals on Wheels. The Achievement Centers for Children asked students to research, plan, and conduct a strategic plan for their Associate Board. A second group worked with the Boy Scouts of America Lake Erie Council to create and present a plan to engage disenfranchised communities. The Cleveland Grays Armory Museum tasked students with developing a marketing strategy for the organization. Our final group worked with the Shaker Heights- Beachwood- University Heights Meals on Wheels to develop a focused plan to increase their client and volunteer numbers, and increase community support. This capstone course happens every year, and we accept RFP's from organizations. If you are interested in being added to our Nonprofit Community List, please contact our Director at