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Awws for Paws Officially Recognized Silver Organization logo The purpose of Awws for Paws is to promote animal welfare and educate others on animal ethics and the injustices that surround these issues. Awws for Paws supports local animal shelters by engaging in volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and donating time and necessary goods. The organization will hold informational meetings and partake in educational, engaging activities on a monthly basis. Since the club’s establishment in 2014, Awws for Paws has reinforced its mission by hosting an exotic petting zoo arranging guest speakers, and creating and donating goods. If you are interested in joining Awws for Paws, please contact the organization’s president, Erin Ahern, by email or follow the Instagram page: @awwsforpawsjcu. Awws for Paws logo Students playing with rescue animals Return to Student Organization List & Descriptions