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Congratulations to our Summer 2018 graduates for completing their Essay/Thesis/Creative Project! Biology David Bartholow Chemotaxis of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis Zoospores in Response to Live Amphibians Joseph DeMarchi The Effects of Temperature on Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis Resistance and Heart Rate in the Polymorphic Eastern Red-Backed Salamanders, Plethodon Cinereus Reina Nielsen Nutrient Conversation Trait Responses of Low Resource Adapted Chaparral Shrubs to Increased Resource Availability Humanities Kathryn Less European's 'Right of Discovery' to the American Continent and the Connection to the Marshall Court's Removal of Native American Sovereignty Through the Marshall Trilogy Cases Emily Uterhark What Happened to Feminism?: A Comparative Study of Feminism in Ireland and Great Britain from 1919-1939 Mathematics Laryssa Byndas Ancient Cultures + High School Algebra = A Diverse Mathematical Approach Rachel Towne Archimedes in the Classroom Kayla Woods Advanced Enrichment Topics in an Honors Geometry Course Christopher Wrenn Group Rings Magdalena Zook Mathematical Curves in the High School Classroom The Essays/Theses/Creative Projects can be viewed here: