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Dr. Paul Lauritzen and Dr. Edward Hahnenberg from John Carroll University's department of Theology and Religious Study are among the thirteen recipients of the Grauel Faculty Fellowship Award for 2016-2017! Their accomplishment has been featured in John Carroll's Faculty Notes. Dr. Lauritzen, in the Fall 2016, will develop ethical guidelines for psychologists working in national security contexts, an increasingly common phenomenon. Dr. Hahnenberg, in the Spring of 2017, will write an original scholarly monograph exploring the often unruly ways people engage and appropriate the culture around them. He also will ask how these social dynamics might illuminate theological reflections on the ways in which ordinary believers navigate highly structured and hierarchical cultures like the Catholic Church. Congratulations to both professors! The Grauel Faculty fellowship is available to support faculty research for one semester at full salary or one year at half salary. Proposals should be research-oriented and result in a publication, or should involve other types of faculty development, such as writing textbooks, curriculum development, or academic service oriented activities.