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Professor Martina Moore is involved in a cutting-edge treatment program for people addicted to heroin. From It isn't a cure for heroin addiction, but for the addicted, it instantly crushes the heroin high. Nalaxone is an nasal spray antidote that instantly sobers up those on heroin, who may be on the edge of overdose. Dr. Joan Papp from MetroHealth spent Tuesday in drug court in Cuyahoga County handing out the drug to addicts and their families. A huge connection is made for those who are trickiest to get to -- addicts who need it most. "We collaborated as a task force and were were able to make it happen," said Dr. Papp. "Get antidote in 30 clients' hands, and by the end of the month we'll have it in 60-90 clients hands. Moore Counseling and mediation services got state money to get these drugs into the hands of those in jail. Those who are recovering are the ones most likely to lapse and most in need of the drug.