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How to Access E-Text Books 1) Access your schedule on bannerweb. Go to Registration and Academic Records, then click registration, and next click Student Detail Schedule. You can access your text books by clicking: See Required Book(s). 2) Use the websites,,, and the amazon kindle store/app to look up your text-books.

3) Search for your book by using the ISBN#, text-book name or authors name. 4) Look for electronic versions of the book to rent/buy. 5) Download a screen reader software/app to read the text to you. *APPLE DEVICES: All Apple devices are pre-equipped with text to speech and speech to text software. To Access: On any Apple Device (Computers, Iphones, Ipads), go into settingsàGeneralàAccessibility/Dictation and Speech. Click on Text to speech, then check the box “Speak selected text when the key is pressed: Option+Esc.” Highlight what you want read aloud to you and press Option+Esc to hear. (For Speech to Text) Use Dictation by pressing Fn twice and begin speaking. Press “Done” when finished and your spoken text will appear in your word processor/web page browser/email To Learn More *PC’s- Search within “All programs” for Ease of Access Centerà Control Pannelà Microsoft Narrator *Note: Recommended to use additional app with PC’S as Narrator is not as user friendly. Screen Reading Apps

  • Clarospeak- Available on App store ($0-3.99)- Works on PC’s as well

  • ezPDFreader-Works on android devices($0-3.99)

  • Jaws- Especially useful for visual impairments

  • Thunder Screenreader- Free screenreader, useful for visual impairments.