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Google “SMART Goals” and click on the Mind Tools link. Review the information therein.

Create 3 SMART Goals for yourself. These goals should describe how you can attain success at John Carroll University, either academically or otherwise. Make sure to hit every piece of the SMART goal formula (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound). Please share those SMART goals as part of your reflection.

After creating your SMART goals, please reflect on the goals you created.

  • How did you decide on your goals?
  • Why did you choose those goals in particular, instead of others?
  • What choices and behaviors can help you attain those goals?
  • What choices and behaviors create obstacles to achieving those goals? Consider the behavior that resulted in this reflection as a sanction.
  • How can you avoid creating obstacles for yourself in the future? Please be specific, concrete and realistic.

Please keep the SMART goals you have created for yourself so you can hold yourself accountable.

Your reflection should be at least 750 words.

You can find your hearing officer's name at the bottom of the email with your hearing results.
Your hearing officer's email is located near the bottom of the email you received detailing the results of your hearing. If you have questions about where to find your hearing officer's email, please call the Dean's Office at 216.397.3010.
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