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Request for New SAF Allocation Category

If someone wanted to request a new SAF Allocation Category, they would complete this form.

Please enter today's date.
Re-order First Last Weight Operations
If you are a JCU employee, please enter your office #. If you are a JCU student, please enter your cell phone #.
Please provide the name of your JCU department or student organization.
Provide the proposed title of the new SAF Allocation Category. If request is approved, this would become the name of the budget Organization Code.
Please provide how much funding you are requesting for the year.
How will these funds be used? Please be specific. How did you assess the need for these funds and their use? Please provide a summary of any/all formal and informal assessments of need.
What assessment efforts will be implemented to measure the effective use of these funds?
List all other funding resources that are available to support this work (non-SAF).
more items
To add more than one additional funding source, simply click on the "+" sign button. If you don't have any additional funding sources, type in "None" in the box below.