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Student Government Elections take place in the fall semester each year. The administration elected in November serve their term the next calendar year. The Executive Board election occurs first and involves electing the President and various vice presidents on the Executive Board. Read more about the position descriptions in the governing documents.

The Student Government Senate elections take place following the Executive Board elections. Six (6) senators from each class are elected every fall to serve the next calendar year.

For more details about the Elections Timeline please check here. For additional questions about the process, please contact Elections Chair, Anne-Cecilia Byrne (

Student Government Elections Timeline

Listed below is the timeline for Student Government Elections, both Exec Board and Senate Elections. If you want to learn more, please contact Elections Chair, Anne-Cecilia Byrne (

Exec Board
Tues, Oct 23 – Nominations open – Student Government meeting
5:00 PM, Murphy Room

Tues, Oct 30 – Nominations reopened and confirmed – Student Government meeting
5:00 PM Murphy Room

Tues, Oct 30 – Candidate meeting – Mandatory for all Exec Board candidates
7:00 PM, Murphy Room

Fri, Nov 2 – Platform statements and headshot pictures due
5:00 PM to Elections Chair (on website)

Tues, Nov 6 – Presidential Debate and platform statement reading
8:00 PM Atrium, Student Center

Wed, Nov 7 – Exec Board Election
Polls open at 8:30am (online voting)

Thurs, Nov 8 – Exec Board Election
Polls close at 7:30pm (online voting)

Mon, Oct 15 – Letters of intent – Available online after 8am on Oct 15.
8:00 AM online

Senate Info Sessions:
Thurs, Oct 25, 5pm, Jardine Room
Mon, Oct 29, 5pm, CSDI Lounge
Thurs, Nov 1, 5pm, Jardine Room

Mon, Nov 5 – Letters of intent due
11:45 PM online

Tues, Nov 6 – Candidates meeting – Mandatory for all senate candidates
6:00 PM Murphy Room

Wed, Nov 14 – Senate Election
Polls open at 8:30am (online)

Thurs, Nov 15 – Senate Election
Polls close at 7:30pm (online)

If you have any questions, please contact Elections Chair, Anne-Cecilia Byrne (

Exec Board Candidates!

Listed below are the candidates on the ballot for the Student Government Executive Board – 2019 term:

Student Government President
Mike Bishop

Mike Bishop

As President, my goal will be to streamline the Student Government Senate and Executive Boards so that it is more inclusive and productive. As the paramount student leadership on campus, it is the responsibility of us elected representatives to work diligently to broadcast student concerns through the proper channels, but also ensure that we are working as efficiently and effectively as possible so that students feel confident that their concerns will be heard and acted on.
This will not be a simple endeavor. It will involve collaboration with every member of Student Government to make our good processes better and improve on our weaknesses. I will critically evaluate the way our Senate and Executive Board are set up now and move to steer them in ways that are more conducive to a productive format. That way, when students come to us with problems, or one of our elected representatives has an idea we can effectively map it to an existing body, without scrambling people around and displacing other initiatives.
I envision Student Government having a larger presence on campus to therefore be more successful in making students heard. The Senate should be the voice of the students, acting through committees and individual initiatives that are brought to them. The Executive Board ought to be dedicated individuals working on larger, long term projects that affect the university in ways that Senate isn’t necessarily involved with. While these bodies function close to this capacity now, I will empower them to work to their maximum potential, which will only benefit the student body.

Executive Vice President
Maddie Tobolewski

Maddie Tobolewski

Running for Executive Vice President of Student Government gives me the opportunity to create, innovate, and collaborate in order to bring about something that far outlasts mine or my peers time at John Carroll. Service has always, and will continue to be, extremely important to me, so I hope to be able to serve the student body in a way that benefits them now and for years to come. I believe there is always a way to improve what is being done, which is why I’ve been working to renovate the Student Center to have it be more modern and have better features suited to our community. I’ve also been working to bring a book writing program to John Carroll with the purpose of empowering students and opening doors for them. I want to be a voice for my fellow students and to be a point of reference to those in search of a solution to a problem here at John Carroll. A quote that I try to live by is that, “you can wait for the world to change, or you can change it,” and that is exactly what I plan to do in my time as Vice President.

Vice President for Business Affairs
Dominic DeSalvo

Dominic DeSalvo

As Vice President for Business Affairs, I would work every day with administration to achieve the goals and ideas of the student body. I can genuinely say that John Carroll is a special place for me. Being away from home for the first time is a nerve-racking experience, but the students and faculty here made it so easy for John Carroll to become my other home. That is why I am so passionate about making a difference. Seeing how the people around me cared about my experience, I want to give that back to this campus. I want student’s ideas to become reality. Being in this position, I would be honored to take everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and complaints, and relay them to administration. I don’t want any student to feel their voice is not heard. As my high school Class President for four years, I made sure everyone was able to express their opinion. I believe so strongly in this as it is the ideas we don’t express because we fear they won’t be valued, that can turn out to be the best. I recognize that being in charge of making the budgets for Student Government and SUPB and deciding how our student activity fee is distributed, is a major responsibility. But with my experience on the Student Senate and your help, I believe we can create an even better Carroll.

Sara Girard

Sara Girard

Running for Vice President of Business Affairs is the perfect opportunity to further impact the JCU community in a positive, meaningful way. My previous experience working in the Student Senate as President of the class of 2021 in addition to my memberships in the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee, Student Union Budget Oversight Committee, and the Dining Committee has inclusively enabled me to gain the knowledge needed for this position. As VP of Business Affairs, I plan to work equitably and fairly to ensure the funds of student organizations and respective departments receive the support, guidance, and resources necessary for not only for success but growth as well.

Vice President for Judicial Affairs

Brianna Sweeney

Brianna Sweeney

I would love to have this opportunity to work alongside all of you to promote and help uphold the standards of the John Carroll community. My goal would be to ensure a healthy environment where we can all excel and work together to keep John Carroll a safe and fun place to live and learn. As for all those coming before the Hearing Board, I want to make sure they have the opportunity to tell their side of the story and that we are able to engage in an open discussion. I want fellow students to feel comfortable and feel that their voice is heard. I hope to encourage a process of learning and education, so that all parties involve feel that the process of the conduct system is fair and meaningful.

Vice President for Student Organizations

Kyle Blasinsky

Kyle Blasinsky

When I joined the Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB) back in January, it was because I generally felt disengaged. For the whole year prior, I went to school, then to work, then home, and then did the whole thing over again. There was less than adequate time for eating, let alone for joining a student organization. Long story short, I realized I had wasted a lot of time, and even worse still, I had wasted a lot of amazing opportunities. I knew it was too late to work my way through ten student organizations hoping one would be a good fit, so instead, I joined SOBB, where the organizations would come to me. At least that way, I could get a good taste for what John Carroll’s student organizations had to offer. Well, everything has pretty much gone to plan over the past year. I learned a lot about the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and the amazing student organizations that fall within it, but now I know that the tables have to turn. Now I need to go out to student organizations and be a link back to the OSE. There are so many great organizations on campus, but these organizations could only get better if they knew about all the resources available to them. I want to be your student organization’s resource to help utilize university resources. I want to be the wind turbine to your November gales and the drill to your oil fields.

Vice President for Programming
Eddie Jenkins

Eddie Jenkins

I am running for this position because SUPB has been a passion of mine since Freshman year. As President of this organisation, I will see to it that the events on campus are reflective of what the students want. I will work hard to ensure that the students of John Carroll have events that they want to attend and enjoy.

Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion






Leah VanDine

Leah VanDine

My name is Leah VanDine, I am a junior psychology major, sociology minor, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Before running for Student Union last year, I had no idea how Student Government really impacted the university and the community at large. I had always assumed that Student Government was for super serious, political people trying to get into law school. Now, after a year of being a senator and being on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I see that Student Union is an awesome group of concerned students who want to make the university more safe, comfortable, and fun for all of us; the way in which I want to help in this cause is through the position of Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. As the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I plan to increase the audience of diversity training, approach the institution’s definition of hate speech, and bring the position closer to cultural organizations and other student organizations.
Because of the immense impact of diversity training both on campus and in the broader community, I aim to make this training more accessible to students, faculty, and staff on campus. One specific way that I want to increase the use of diversity training on campus is through working directly with executive boards of student organizations. As the number of student organizations on campus continues to grow, the diversity among these groups needs to be addressed. While many student organizations are niche groups, I want to ensure that the leaders of these groups are able to respectfully address those that are not typically involved in their organization and encourage them to cooperate with other groups.
The last few months at JCU have seen a lot of activity and discussion around the difference between hate speech and free speech. Regardless of the outcome of this specific incident, I believe that the university needs to create a holistic definition of hate speech that explicitly condemns its dissemination. I plan to build this definition through multiple workshops with students, faculty, and staff with different backgrounds and academic interests. Because of the negative effects the current discussion of hate speech is having on the LGBTQ+ community, I also plan to hold mental healing and meditation sessions to promote camaraderie and empowerment across the community.
Finally, I think that the position of Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion should become a larger part of the cultural organizations; in this position, I plan to participate in each of the school’s cultural organizations to increase Student Government's and this position’s presence on campus. Similarly, I want to meet with the presidents or executive boards of all student organizations at least twice per semester to discuss the concerns of these groups in terms of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility on campus. I believe that improving student organizations’ relationships with all parts of Student Union will make them more receptive to the changes that will be made around campus.
As the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I want to expand the audience that diversity training reaches, develop a standard of determining hate speech, and be more involved with student and cultural organizations on campus. Because of my time serving on the executive boards for College Democrats and Students Empowering Women as well as being on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee on Student Union, I have developed a strong sense of what this campus needs from this position, and I hope that you believe that I am the best fit. Thank you, and I hope to help empower you all next year!

Vice President for Communications
Lauren Phillip

Lauren Phillip

When I was a first-year student, I did not know what Student Government was or what they did. My goals as Vice President for Communication are to make the student body more actively aware of Student Government's activities through improving attendance at events, finding accessible ways for those not on Student Union to get more involved, and a better utilization of our social media accounts.
Through my work as the Vice President of Administration of the College Democrats, I have learned that students are motivated by two things: 1. extra credit and 2. free food. My plan to improve attendance at Student Union events is to foster a closer relationship with academic departments so that professors might be willing to urge their students to go to events that are related to the subject of their classes. I also plan to make sure senators and committees are taking advantage of their ability to provide snacks at their events, which will likely prompt more students to come.
Over my past year as a senator, I have noticed that many people are unaware that they can bring their concerns about John Carroll University to Student Government. My goal is to start an online, anonymous suggestion box that allows students to make their concerns known without having to walk up to the Student Government office. I believe this will make it easier for both those within Student Government to understand what the student body is thinking and feeling while also making it much easier for students to come forward when they see a problem. I also want to advertise our committees and their meeting times more heavily, because this is the best way for students to get involved on Student Union without running for a position.
Although the Student Government social media accounts have a relatively high follower count, another goal of mine is to better engage the student body through these accounts. Students don’t go on social media to only read about upcoming events – they want to see what their friends are doing or read a funny joke. Something else I have learned working as a Vice President of Administration is that if you send a meme in your emails every week – people will read the entire email just to see the meme at the end. I plan to not only continue posting updates about Student Union, but I would also like to implement a program where students can nominate a friend who has done something particularly inspiring or has just been working hard that week to be recognized by Student Union on our social media accounts. Every so often, I plan to post a Student Union or John Carroll-related joke to grab the attention of our followers.
As Vice President for Communication, I hope to make a difference in how Student Union is perceived and recognized on campus. As students, our opinions and thoughts have a lot of power. I want to help students become aware of that power and utilize it to the best of their ability so that John Carroll University reflects the entirety of its student body. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to taking on this position next year.

Ballots will be emailed to all students the morning of Wednesday, November 7 at 8:30 am and polls will close on Thursday, November 8 at 7:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact, Elections Chair Anne-Cecilia Byrne (

Senate Candidates!

Listed below are the candidates running for the Student Union Senate. Click on the class year to read the candidates statements and see their pictures.

Class of 2022
Maya Khawam
Kyle McBeth
Matthew Meyer
Veronica Morgan
Esther Ngemba
Phillip Scherbakov
Kaitlyn Schupp
Margaret Skubik
Elizabeth Yirga

Class of 2021
Erin Ahern
Kaley Capron
Max Ciccarello
Dominic DeSalvo
Erick English
Anthony Haas
Tommy Kegler
Declan Leary
Lilian Lebednick
Sean Smith
Maranda Wheatley

Class of 2020
Zahraa Al Ribeawi
Cory Beam
Megan Frankenberger
Nicolas Holoman
Brendan Sieber

If you have any questions, please contact Elections Chair, Anne-Cecilia Byrne (