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The University encourages those who have experienced interpersonal violence to report these incidents to the Title IX Coordinator, Eric Butler, via phone at 216.397.1559 or by utilizing the online form found here. 

If you are interested in learning more about JCU’s Sexual Harassment and Interpersonal Violence policy and procedures, please click the link below:

Some things to consider:

  • You are welcome to have a support person of your choice when meeting with the Title IX Coordinator or JCUPD to file a report.
  • The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has a 24-hour Advocacy program to provide support and information at the police department (local municipality and/or JCUPD) and/or hospital.

To the extent possible, the University will maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved in alleged interpersonal violence offenses. Confidentiality, however, cannot be guaranteed.

You may click here to view a helpful flowchart containing the resource options mentioned on this page.

  • Filing a report with the Title IX Coordinator, Eric Butler, (216-397-1559)
  • Filing a report with JCUPD (216-397-1234)
  • Filing a report with University Heights Police Department (UHPD) (216-932-1800)