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Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend the New Student Orientation sessions! The parent programming that takes place is very beneficial, even if it is the second, third, or fourth child you have sent to college. We offer a variety of programs dealing with transition issues, academics, and student life, as well as campus tours.

Parent Programming

Parents will follow a parallel schedule to that of their son or daughter and will be together for just a few sessions during the orientation. We offer several sessions exclusively designed for parents. Some of these include:

  • College Transition Discussion – Hear surprising statistics and discuss common transitional issues that you, and your student, may face in college. This humorous session is always one that keeps parents talking throughout the day.
  • College 101 – A time for the professionals in Student Affairs to address the resources available to you and your student and an opportunity for you to engage in dialogue about Residence Life, Campus Ministry, Health Services, Athletics, Campus Safety, Student Activities, and more.

Parent Role in Academics

Parents are highly encouraged to talk with their son or daughter prior to coming to orientation about their career goals and academic interests. During orientation, each student will schedule their fall semester courses so it is important to “get off on the right foot” with a plan of action developed ahead of time.

On the second day of orientation, parents will have the opportunity to meet with their students’ orientation faculty advisor. This faculty member may or may not be the same person who will serve as your child’s advisor during his or her first and second years.