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Philosophy: Major

A philosophy major or minor is universally beneficial since it teaches you to analyze and resolve problems, see problems from different points of view, communicate cogently and persuasively, and integrate knowledge. These skills are always in demand and never become obsolete.

As a major, you’ll have the opportunity to focus your study within one of four specialized options: critical social philosophy; history of philosophy; health, ethics, and science; and philosophy, law, and politics. 


A philosophy major prepares students for graduate work leading to college teaching, or for professional schools in areas such as law, medicine, religion, and social service. A philosophy major also is a solid basis for any broad program of humanistic studies.

The major can design his or her own program of study within the following parameters:

  • Two seminars (PL 450), or one seminar and a senior thesis (PL 495).
  • Nine additional courses, with at least four on the 200 level and at least four on the 300 level.
  • PL 300:  Methods in Philosophy is a requirement.

Borromeo Seminary Institute Major in Philosophy. 36 credit hours: PL 210, 225, 240, 246, 304, 308, 368, 391, 395, 396; one PL elective and either one seminar (PL 450) or a senior thesis (PL 495).