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When advising entering students it is important to keep mind that most will express interest in medicine or dentistry but are unaware of the wide array of healthcare professions available to them. Because of this it is best to steer the student toward basic course work that will both test their academic suitability for the healthcare professions and fulfill liberal arts core requirements. For this, the Pre-Health Professions Program has created a variety of course of study templates that students and advisors can use to help inform the advising process.

“I could not have been better prepared for medical school. The rigors of the education taught me the study skills I needed and gave me a foundation in sciences directly related to medical education that paved the way to a great medical school performance.” – Daniel Adams ‘05

The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is a component of the Pre-Health Professions Program that is designed to produce the letters of evaluation and recommendation that have become so valuable in getting students into a wide variety of healthcare professional schools and programs. The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Board is an entity composed of members of the John Carroll community and members of the community at large that is designed to provide the Pre-Health Professions Program with guidance and expertise that will improve the operation of the program.