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Saturday, July 10

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Join fellow alumni and friends of John Carroll University as we learn more about Italian cooking, wine and culture from Marco Scapagnini. We will learn two Italian recipes (pasta cacio de pepe & Sicilian citrus pesto) and about two wines from Quartomoro di Sardegna (Cannonau & Vermentino).

$50 per wine duo (includes shipping).

About Marco Scapagnini: An expert tour operator, and a food and wine journalist, Marco focuses on authentic Italian regional specialties. He began his career in Italy with the Mondadori Editorial Group, writing 23 guidebooks on travel and the food and wine of Italy. He then became the Italian specialist for DK Guides, published in London under the name Eyewitness Guides, where he discovered and reviewed hidden spots in Italy, including charming inns, secluded restaurants and small and authentic food and wine stores. He has spent the last decade between Italy, especially Sicily, and the United States, consulting and also writing for top food and travel magazines such as CDG, the inflight magazine of a major European airline. His most recent exciting venture is The Italian Selection, telling the stories of a group of virtuous small family-owned Italian wineries recently introduced in the US market.

Marco is definitely an enthusiastic ambassador of authentic Italian food, wine and tourism.


The Italian Selection aspires to identify, select and promote to the US market, excellent Italian wineries and wines, characterized by the fact that they are family-owned, produce top quality wines, foster the protections of the territory and have a story to tell.t