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Wednesday, May 25

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Dr. Nancy Stella has been a leading clinical psychologist in the Cincinnati area for over 20 years. As former president and owner, Dr. Stella expanded BridgePointe Psychological and Counseling Center into one of Ohio’s largest private, multi-specialty mental health practices with over 75 providers.

After a shattering divorce, Dr. Stella found traditional therapeutic approaches wanting, so she developed the Courageous Brain Process (CBP)—an innovative, science-based method of therapy. Rooted in the most up-to-date neuroscience, it bypassed the shortcomings of traditional talk therapy to repattern the way our brains process fear. 

When the results proved to be undeniably effective, Dr. Stella left BridgePointe in 2014 to open a counseling practice focused on the CBP. As a result, countless clients have been able to break free of self-destructive patterns triggered by unresolved fear. In addition, Dr. Stella provides training and consultation to other clinicians who want to include this method in their practices.

Are you afraid of loneliness or failure, confrontation or facing the unknown? Fear Traps equips readers to heal trauma and take on new challenges with confidence and resilience. Dr. Stella shows us that fear is normal, but fear does not need to control us. If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of coping mechanisms that just keep making things worse, there is a way out.

Dr. Stella’s six-step Courageous Brain Process (CBP)is rooted in decades of clinical experience and the most up-to-date brain science, The Courageous Brain Process uses an understanding of how the brain works to change the way the brain processes fear—especially as it relates to painful past memories hindering us in the present. Dr. Stella uses six case studies (one personal and five from clients) to show how this process applies to six specific fears: being alone, being rejected, confrontation, being ignored, failure, and the unknown. As the final step of the CBP, Dr. Stella provides a specific meditation targeted to each of the six fears. As a result of this process, the reader builds courage, resilience, and self-efficacy to face life’s challenges, past and present.