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Tuesday, June 29

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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It’s Time presents a series of short stories highlighting an important but neglected aspect of life. Serious illness and aging are dependable harbingers of life’s end. For each of us, there comes a point when we must admit, it’s time. We hear the doctor say this to a dying patient and family members, to parents too long in the family home, to sobered younger people when a spouse or child becomes seriously ill. This kairos, this moment of profound significance, comes to us all.

Good stories appeal to everyone. Students, particularly medical students or those in pastoral ministry or other health care disciplines, will find this book a unique, rich resource. Senior learners will find the essays helpful to work through their own history of decision-making, grief, loss. The essays provoke discussion and often closure for painful issues.

Dolores Christie is a retired college professor and experienced clinical ethicist. The author of Last Rights: a Catholic Perspective on End-of-Life Decisions (2003) and Moral Choice: a Christian View of Ethics (2013). She was Executive Director of the CTSA and currently serves on the chemical dependency committee for the Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium and the ethics committee of the Hospice of the Western Reserve. She and her physician husband live in Cleveland.