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Event Details

Saturday, September 25

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Event Contact

Office of Alumni Relations


We invite you to host a dinner party and invite two or more fellow alumni or friends of the University to join you for a festive evening shared among Blue Streaks! The meal – provided by the host – can consist of anything you choose (e.g. a home cooked meal, a catered dinner, sit down dinner at a restaurant, etc.). Each attending guest is then encouraged to donate the cost of their dinner back to our beloved alma mater. 

Be sure to register your dinner by Friday, September 17. Questions, contact


A host or hosts register their dinner and then invite whomever they wish to their own dinner party. At least three JCU alumni constitutes a Supper Club dinner. The dinner can be at the host’s home or a venue of their choosing. With regards to the suggested donation, each host will be provided with a link specific to their dinner party in the days leading up to their gathering to be shared with guests ahead of time. The host can also opt to have a laptop/tablet available at their dinner party for guests to complete their suggested donation on the 25th. The host provides the suggested donation based on their dinner. Checks made out to John Carroll University are also accepted.

In addition to providing a tremendous service to their fellow alumni and to the University, and being a part of a new and fun tradition, the host will receive a tax deductible receipt in return for the cost of the meal once they submit the receipt to the Office of Alumni Relations. Registered hosts will also receive a special “care package” from the Office of Alumni Relations with goodies for their guests, helpful information, and a commemorative host gift.

Know that, the planning, the guest list, how formal or informal the dinner is entirely up to each host. The only guidelines are that the dinner takes place on September 25, a minimum of three alumni attend the dinner (including the host), and a suggested donation is established by the host for each attendee or couple. The donation made by guests is also tax-deductible. 

All funds raised as part of the Blue Streaks Supper Club will support the Carroll Fund. The Carroll Fund is a crucial annual fund that meets the immediate needs of our students and invests in the John Carroll of tomorrow, ensuring that current and future Blue Streaks benefit from the power of a JCU education.