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Thursday, July 16

Do your kids like science and art?  If so, this is the program for them.  We will explore how different household products (chemicals - stuff is always made up of atoms!) interact and can produce beautiful patterns and designs. The most hazardous thing we will use is detergent (dish soap works great).  We will talk about what is in milk, how detergents work and how marker inks interact with paper and water.  I will lead you through the experiments and talk about what is happening, then I will offer some suggestions for further explorations you and your family can do on your own.

After Mark Warner, Ph.D. '91, graduated from JCU he, he continued his studies at Michigan State University, where he also developed an interest in science education.  This interest took off after joining a group called Science Theatre that put on science programs at schools and community events throughout Michigan.  After completing his Ph.D. in physical chemistry he taught for a year at Spring Hill College (3rd oldest Jesuit school in US) before being hired at JCU in 1999.  At JCU he has taught chemistry and science education coursework and continues to do science programs for kids.

Ingredient list

  • 1-2 oz. Milk (whole milk works best. 2% works better than lower fat or skim milk)
  • Food coloring (only need a few drops, multiple colors works best)
  • Detergent (Dish soap, shampoo or liquid laundry detergent – a drop or two only) Most detergents are toxic, so proper care should be taken.
  • Q-tip swab
  • Small bowl or plate
  • Optional: a drop or two of cooking oil
  • Non-permanent markers (. Black, brown tend to be interesting, but any colors work)
  • Paper coffee filters (1-2, a paper towel could be used as well)
  • Paper towel or napkin
  • small drink cup (8 oz paper/plastic cup works great)
  • water

This summer, JCU is launching a new program, focusing on the youngest members of the Blue Streak community, children of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends. We invite our families to explore science, the arts, and your kitchen, as we offer programs that will keep your children's interest and keep their minds engaged. We look forward to welcoming your family to JCU Jr..

You may register for as many of the JCU Jr. programs you and your family would like to participate in. If your child has questions for the presenter, please include them in the text box provided. We will include as many as possible during the recording.