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JCU Auxiliary Services is handled by Rory Hill and Mike Roeder. Their offices are in the Administration Building.

Rory R. Hill 
Director of Auxiliary Services

Michael P. Roeder
Manager of Auxiliary Services
(216) 397-4760

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilities Scheduling
  • Housekeeping Contract Coordination
  • Mail Center operations
  • Copy Center Operations
  • Satisfying the many and diverse activities that occur daily on JCU’s active campus
  • Providing coordination among Facilities, Maintenance, and Grounds staff with other departments such as Campus Safety Services, Residence Life, and many others, as well as coordinating with City agencies as events dictate
  • Assistance in planning annual student organization, athletic, and traditional University events such as Homecoming, Parent and Family Weekend, celebrated Masses on campus, Commencement, New Student Orientations, as well as all summer conferences held on campus
  • Coordinating and planning for the Residence Hall furniture turnover for each new academic year
  • Coordinating physical individual or departmental moves

Planning is the first step in making an event go off without a hitch. Those planning an upcoming event are encouraged to engage Mike early so that all the details of the special day, week or event can be planned successfully and communicated back to the campus community as necessary. Mike will meet with interested persons directly to get a sense of what is needed ( the “how, where, when”) and then engage other groups, departments or contractor/vendors as needed for the planned event. Communication is key.

Because Facilities Management Services crosses the line into so many aspects of campus life and activities, the constant perspective and coordination and feedback to other members of the Facilities Department as a whole is extremely valuable.

Facilities Office

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center and is open M-F 8:30-5:00.

Phone: (216) 397-4314
Fax: (216) 397-4675