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The Mail Center is located on the Garden (Ground) Level of the Administration Building. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We provide the following services for the JCU community.

The university recieves packages and mail Monday through Friday from 

  • Amazon 
  • UPS
  • Fedex
  • USPS

USPS mail arrives Monday through Friday and is delived to Academic and University offices.  On-Campus Students are provided with a campus mail box located in the Lombardo Student Center to retrieve their USPS mail. 

JCU Mail Center also has a USPS Mail Meter for Letters, Flats, Parcels, Priority and Express services.  We also can send international.  JCU Mail Center also sends out packages via UPS, FEDEX and USPS.  We have a FEDEX box outside for drop off.  Packages need boxed and sealed prior to coming to the Mail Center for shipment.  The Mail Center will weigh and help with the labeling and shipping process at the counter.  Some assistance is provided with the packing if necessary.

Packages are received from above vendors and tracked notifying Students with an email when their package(s) is availalbe at the Mail Center.  They are required to come pick up items during the normal business hours with their Student ID at the Mail Center operation.   As of March 2020, JCU has a new package pickup system in place for Students.  The new PackCity remote package pickup system provides students a new way to retreive their packages.  Packages can be picked up anytime the Administration Building is open to students.  Students will receive an email from this system with codes to retrieve their items.  

PackCity Box
New package pick up system located in hallway by the JCU Mail Center.








Mail Center operates under the supervision of:

Rory Hill
Director of Auxiliary Services

Melanie Boggs
Auxiliary Services Technician

James Burrows
Auxiliary Services Technician

JCU Mail center phone: 216-397-4680
JCU Mail Center Fax: 216-397-4916

JCU Mail Center email is

JCU Policies

Facilities Office

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center and is open M-F 8:30-5:00.

Phone: (216) 397-4314
Fax: (216) 397-4675