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Cumulative COVID-19 Testing Data

The following are COVID-19 positive test results, recovered cases and current active cases in the John Carroll University community. Cases are based on the date that test results are received. In some cases, test results are received after recovery. 


Total Positive Cases

(01/02/21 - 02/18/21)

Presumed Recovered

(01/02/21 - 02/18/21)

Current Active Cases

(02/05/21 - 02/18/21)

                  134                       118                         16


Total Positive Cases
(8/24/20- 12/17/20)

Presumed Recovered
(8/24/20 - 12/17/20)

                              203                                  203



COVID-19 data as of Feb. 18, 2021.

Testing data is representative of return to campus testing, athletic testing, weekly surveillance testing, and self-reports. 


COVID-19 Ongoing Surveillance Testing Data: Feb. 12 - Feb. 18, 2021


Weekly Surveillance Testing

(49 antigen tests)

Athletics Weekly Surveillance Testing

 (412 tests)

0 Postive Antigen (0 positive PCR, 0 negative PCR) 3 Positive Antigen (3 positive PCR, 14 negative PCR)


Students In Quarantine/Isolation On Campus




Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given a PCR test, which will be sent out to a lab, and you will go into an isolation room.  If your PCR comes back negative, you will be allowed to leave isolation.  If your PCR test is positive, you will need to stay in isolation for 10 days.  It typically takes 24-48 hours to get test results on the PCR tests.

You should contact the Student Health Center at (216) 397-4349 to discuss your symptoms.  You will go into an isolation room for 10 days.  You may leave isolation if your symptoms improve and you have no fever for at least 24 hours.

If you were a close contact (i.e. hung out with your friend with or without wearing a mask, didn't maintain the 6 foot physical distance for 15 minutes or more), you will be contacted by a University contact tracer who will discuss the quarantine process with you and help you move into quarantine.   You will be given a PCR test on day 5 of quarantine.  If the PCR test comes back negative, you can leave quarantine on day 8 and you will continue to monitor for symptoms.  If you did NOT have close contact with your friend (i.e. you wore a mask when you were together, you maintained the 6 foot physical distance) you DO NOT need to go into quarantine.

Yes, if you want to isolate or quarantine at home, you can do so. We highly encourage students to develop a plan for quarantine or isolation in advance, so if the need arises, you will have a plan and have one less decison to make at a stressful time.

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