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Cumulative COVID-19 Testing Data

The following are COVID-19 positive test results, recovered cases and current active cases in the John Carroll University community. Cases are based on the date that test results are received. In some cases, test results are received after recovery.


Total Positive Cases
(8/24- 11/19)

Presumed Recovered
(8/24 - 11/19)

Current Active Cases
(As of 11/19)

                 139                     135                         4



COVID-19 Data: Nov. 13 - 19

The following are COVID-19 positive test results from John Carroll University's symptomatic testing of students as well as self-reported cases from the JCU community during the week of Nov. 13-19. 


Student Health Center Positive Tests

Self-Reporting Positive Tests 

Positive Tests

Total Positive Cases
(11/13 - 11/19)

        2 (Of 5 tested)              6               1                  6


Additional positive test results within the JCU community will be updated every Friday.


COVID-19 Data: Aug. 24 - Sept. 11 (Baseline Testing)

The following are results from John Carroll University's asymptomatic, baseline testing of residential students and student athletes between Aug. 24 and Sept. 11, 2020.   

Students Testing Positive

Total Tests

Positivity Rate

                  35              1085             3.23%



The following are results from the baseline testing combined with self-reported positive cases from the JCU community during the Aug. 24-Sept. 11 timeframe.


Students Testing Positive

Self-Reporting Positive  

Positive Cases

Total Positive Cases

               35              45                2             82


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