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You are encouraged to would share your words of encouragement and congratulations with the JCU Class of 2020. 

Congratulations on your amazing academic career! Your hard work, fun memories, and dreams will now carry you far as a JCU alum. In New York, we keep JCU tradition alive through mission, service, education, and community. We welcome you to join your local JCU Alumni Chapter and continue to set the world on fire! 

Maggie Hutchison '14

Welcome to the alumni association! You join a fantastic group of wonderful people across the globe and should be proud to be a JCU alum! Congrats on all of your hard work! 

Nikita Stange '10

Congrats on your tremendous accomplishment.  Utilize what you have learned while at Carroll to lead your generation today and tomorrow.

 John Spano '94

Congratulations to you the class of 2020 ! Your memories of your days at Carroll will be with you forever! The world is waiting for you!!! We are all there in spirit for you!! 

Theresa (Tracy) Kula '82 year we wore peace arm bands ( Kent State etc) and the look on my father'sface was astounding but he saw the point. Each year, each class has a point and this is yours. Let it define you as helpers, carers, and truly, “people for others”. Look forward and after each other.
Back to father thing...yours will be happy not to search for a parking space!
Good luck. All of us are behind All of you.

Jack O'Connell '70

Congratulations on making it through your degree! 

Caylan Fazio '18

A job well done that will last a lifetime and one that you should be very proud of.

Eugene Bozymski '57

Congratulations!! You did it!! Despite the uncertainty of the times we're in, there's still a lot to be grateful for- family and friends that supported (and still support ) you through these years; new friends you made along the way, a world-class education that no one, NOT even this pandemic, can take away!! and much more. Opportunities still surround you each and every day. Look for them. Create them. Stay inspired. Stay motivated. GO BLUE STREAKS!! Congrats class of 2020!! You did it!

Chinese Enwonwu '05

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords said it best: "Be bold, be courageous, be your best." Congratulations, Class of 2020! Wishing you all a very bright and fun-filled future!

Karen (Kleysteuber) Karhoff '96

Wishing you all well in your path ahead!  

This is such an uncommon and unexpected moment that we're in, and I am sorry for any unwelcome impact it is having on plans, but I hope you all find wonderful ways still to celebrate your graduation achievement.  

Again, wishing you all well!  The best is yet to come...

Tom Basile '01

Hey 2020 Blue Streaks, congratulations!  Its sad you won't have the ceremony, but when this pandemic is over your reunion party will be epic!  Start the planning now. Keep in touch with your classmates.  Best of luck to each of you. 

Jim Regan '70

Congratulations Class of 2020. What we often refer to as your “real life” is now beginning. But because of the COVID 19 virus, it is beginning in totally unexpected ways, with totally new challenges.. The classes you’ve taken  at JCU have prepared you for what was expected. But it’s the underlying values  JCU  promotes that  will  prepare you for the unexpected. The ability and willingness to hear other points of  view; the ability to think critically: and the ability to live your  lives in faith, hope, and love for God, and with care for one another - these are the lessons that  will prepare you for making this strange new world a better place. Best wishes to all of you. 

Andy Durny '70

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Regretfully, Covid 19 prevents you from enjoying the tradition of walking across the stage to receive your diploma.  I extend a virtual cheer and applause in recognition of earning your degree.
I welcome you to Alumni Association and encourage your to become an active member in your local City Chapter. A special welcome to the Class of 2020 from the Detroit City Chapter.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our future Alumni events.

If you would like to hear more about the Detroit Chapter, please visit Wishing you the best in the months and years to come.

Dave Robinson '74

Congratulations Class of 2020! Welcome to one of the greatest alumni groups! I hope all of you cherished your time at JCU, made lifelong friends, and many memories! May your futures be bright and all of your dreams come true! Cheers to you! 

Rachel Sammon '15

Dear Class of 2020, 

Your time at John Carroll was meaningful and no doubt went by to quickly. Although you won’t have a physical graduation, please make sure to take advantage of every Reunion opportunity. Your time spent together at Reunions, and they are first-rate events, will be all the more precious for your class. Stay in contact with each other over the years. You have a unique bonding experience. Make the most of your historic circumstances to come together in a special way whenever possible. I wish you all the best! 

Ann (Geiger) Healey '82

Congrats on all of your achievements while at John Carroll! You should all be very proud!

Timothy Schifferle '16

Cheers, Congratulations and Blessings to the Class of 2020!  This test of endurance, fortitude and sacrifice cannot detract from your future success and happiness.  Class of 2006 shares in your sadness (we also did not get to graduate on the Quad), but Carroll will ever be in your heart, as it is ours.  The alumni community welcomes you with open arms!

Bethany (Glassbrenner) Beal '06

Congrats on your graduation! Please don't let these trying times overshadow your accomplishments. Take time to celebrate with friends and family. Cherish the good times you have spent at JCU. Best wishes for a bright future!!

Annie Slota '98

Connor Bogard, we can not be more proud of you! We have watched to grow as a young man of Benedictine to a man of John Carroll! We wish you all the best in you new chapter!  ❤️ 

Nurse Pat, Anna, Susan and Rich

Welcome Class of 2020 to one of the most supportive alumni groups. Congratulations on completing the rigors of your John Carroll degree. You are as well or better prepared for your career than any other graduates. You are also now part of the 27 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Onward, on!

Dennis Casey '87