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The Who’s Who of the nonprofit community are coming together at John Carroll University to present the Northeast Ohio Nonprofit Leadership Conference 2022, on May 6, 2022. Dani Robbins, Director of the Nonprofit Administration Program, its students, alumni and community and faculty advisory committees invite your attendance.  


The day is filled with dynamic speakers during 17 workshops covering a width and breadth of topics nonprofit practitioners face daily, along with the challenges and insights gleaned from the past two years.  Featuring names you know and those you’d like to know, sharing insights on strategic planning, understanding challenges their constituents face, hardwiring diversity and equity, leveraging data points, and seeking funding sources.  The workshops have something for everyone, from the most seasoned professional, who may be exploring succession planning or improving the board of directors’ relationship, to the new to the workforce staff looking to make their mark.


Dani Robbins said “This Nonprofit Administration program aims to develop not only our students but also the sector our students serve, and the community in which we work, worship, live, and love. We know nonprofit leaders are exhausted after the past two years.  We hope this will be an opportunity to learn, grow, regroup, and be rejuvenated.”


The conference was the culmination of carefully cultivated panels and speakers from Northeast Ohio, sharing best practices and inspiring change.  


Learn more about the event being Friday, May 6, 2022, at and register today.  All speakers will be on-site at the event held at John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio.  For more information contact, email or call 216-397-1568