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JJohansenJeffrey R. Johansen, Ph.D., John Carroll University biology professor, has received a $435,000 grant from the Czech Grant Agency to fund a three-year project with researchers from the University of South Bohemia and the Botanical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. JCU biology graduates Marketa Bohunicka ’08G and Radka Muhlsteinova ‘13G will receive support from the project as part of their doctoral studies. John Carroll undergraduate and graduate students also will work on projects related to the grant, engaging in an international collaborative research project. Johansen is the lead investigator on the project, Phylogenetic establishment of cyanobacterial genera through multilocus analysis of the generitypes. He recently conducted research in the Czech Republic with the support of a John Carroll University Grauel Fellowship. This collaborative work made it possible to write and obtain this highly competitive grant. Read more about the project on the Department of Biology website.