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Daniel Palmer, Ph.D. Daniel Palmer, Ph.D. John Carroll University partnered with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for the 2014 Connectathon, January 27-31 in Chicago. The event brings together hundreds of health IT vendors and experts to test healthcare devices and verify they meet information exchange standards. Through the partnership, JCU computer science professor Daniel Palmer, Ph.D., attended Connectathon. He explored opportunities to involve JCU students at next year’s Connectathon at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland. JCU offers a healthcare information technology track within its computer science and computer information systems majors. The track helps students gain the specialized knowledge and abilities needed to meet the unique IT needs of the fast-growing healthcare industry. The program includes opportunities for students to develop software projects for the Cleveland Clinic. In addition, JCU graduates Roseann Spitznagel ’95 and Jim Wetzel ’01—who work at the Clinic—helped start a healthcare IT internship program there for JCU students.