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John Carroll University students Brian Harrison ’13 and Eric Mustee ’15 have been selected to present at the 2012 Midstates Conference For Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics on Nov. 17 at Ohio Wesleyan University. The conference features original research in computer science and/or mathematics conducted by students with guidance from faculty. Harrison is a mathematics major and computer science minor from Mayfield Heights, Ohio. He collaborated with Barbara D’Ambrosia, Ph.D., on his paper, “An Interesting Relationship Between Vertex Coordinates and Center of Mass.” Mustee is a computer science major from Strongsville, Ohio. He collaborated with Marc Kirschenbaum, Ph.D., and Daniel Palmer, Ph.D., on his paper, “Supporting Dynamic and Robust Evaluations of Decentralized Human Assisted Swarms.” John Carroll’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a wide range of respected undergraduate and graduate programs, including healthcare information technology. For more information, visit the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science website.