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e21b9eaad6fe8a1c05af20fa5215f250Two faculty members of the John Carroll University Department of English, George Bilgere, Ph.D., and Phil Metres, Ph.D., have been named as 2014 Creative Workforce Fellows by the Community Partnership for Arts & Culture (CPAC). Bilgere and Metres are among 20 Fellows selected, who will each receive $20,000 this year to be used to advance their artistic endeavors and development. This annual program has, since its inception in 2009, provided nearly $2.5 million in Fellowship grants. Bilgere has authored five collections of poetry, including "The White Museum." An award-winning poet, Bilgere has been a member of John Carroll's faculty since 1991. Metres has earned many awards as the author of a number of books, including "A Concordance of Leaves" (2013), "abu ghraib arias" (2011), and several others. The professor and poet has been a member of the John Carroll faculty since 2001.